10 Profitable Ideas You Can Steal from Famous Blogs

Whatever you use your blog for, I know one thing is true – you can always use more traffic. And if your funnels are set up correctly, the more traffic you receive the more sales you should get.

So how can you increase the popularity – and thus the traffic – of your blog?

Here are 10 ideas from well-known blogs that you can immediately put to use on your own blogs.

1. Be Totally Transparent.

Pat Flynn provides a monthly income report demonstrating exactly how much money he is earning through his marketing methods. Billing himself as the “crash test dummy” of online business, it’s this level of honesty that has driven his traffic and his email sign-ups through the roof.


2. Give Away Free Advertising.

Jeremy Schoemaker has a “Free Shirt Friday” every week on his blog, “Shoemoney.” Readers send in a shirt with their logo or URL and and if Jeremy picks it, he’ll feature it to his thousands of readers.


3. Focus on Just One Thing, and Do It Really Really Well.

Neil Patel’s blog Quick Sprout focuses exclusively on how to increase business profits and make more money, and he provides a lot of hard information and unique resources to back up it up.

By the same token, ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse offers over 700 articles on one basic topic – improving your blogging skills. When you focus on just one thing, it’s easier to rise to the top and get noticed as the authority in your niche.


4. Choose The One Thing – And Then Be Diverse.

This advice is somewhat contrary to what you just read: Do you know why? Because while the above model of focusing on one thing works and works well, so does being diverse – but only to a point. Obviously you don’t want to write about football, the stock market, interplanetary travel, car repair and how to take care of babies and flower gardens all in one blog.

But you can do what Yaro Starak does: Cover everything there is to know about a broader topic. In Entrepreneur’s Journey, Yaro writes about marketing, blogging, journaling, personal development, case studies and more. But he never strays too far from his “One Thing,” and that’s how to market successfully online.


5. Create a Little Green Box. Seriously.

‘Blog Tyrant’ Ramsay tweaked a WordPress blockquote code to make a little green box. Result? An increase of 2-3% in click through rates, new attention to old blog posts and a dramatic increase in email sign-ups.


6. Use Your Personality.

A self-proclaimed “internet scumbag,” Martin Osborn of ‘Finch Sells’ uses in-your-face writing and features a “no bullshit, no money back guarantee” on his blog. Letting your own unique style and personality shine through can allow your blog to stand apart from the rest, be remembered and capture a loyal following who love your style.


7. Don’t Let Your Age Be A Barrier.

Glen Allsop of Viper Chill started working online when he was just 15, and he’s worked for brands as big as Hewlett-Packard. Zac Johnson has been making money online since grade school, and his blog revolves around what he knows best: Affiliate marketing. Young or old, it’s never too early or too late to pour your energy into your blog and your online business.


8. Don’t Let Your Location Be A Barrier, Either.

John Chow won the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Award for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog. So John must live in Europe or the U.S., right? Actually, he’s from a small farming village in China. Location seldom matters online, so don’t use that as an excuse to hold back on what you can offer the world.


9. Do Case Studies.

I already mentioned Yaro Starak, but I’m going to mention him again for this reason: He does a lot of case studies that beg to be read and shared. For example:

Muhammad Noer: How This Indonesian Entrepreneur Attracted 20,000 Subscribers and 1,000 Paying Members To His “How to Speed Read” Business
Morgan Brown: How to Start a Blog About Home Loans as a Side Project, Turn It Into a $4,000 a month Income Stream, All While Still Working a Job
Jaime Tardy: From $70K In Debt to a Six-Figure Coaching Business, Podcast, Book and Masterminding with Millionaires

And those are just the most recent 3.


10. Use Short, Snappy, Informative Video.

Instead of writing your posts, consider doing what Derek Halpern of Social Triggers does – create short videos that convey great info. You’ll still want to write an intro to each video to ‘sell’ the viewer on watching the video. Then in the video you’ll introduce the topic, introduce yourself, and quickly get to the point. This sets you apart from most bloggers and gives the viewer the feeling they know you, or at least can better relate to you and your content for having watched you present it.


Bonus: Turn Your Blog Into a Mission.

Fire Pole Marketing doesn’t just ask you to join them to get their free ebook. Instead, they say the following:

“Join us if you believe that marketers should care more about their customers than their bank accounts. If you’re tired of get rich quick promises that never seem to work and you’re ready for something real. You believe that communication can be more than a buzzword; it can be the force that lifts you to greater heights. You believe in transparency; that we should all try our best, and own up to our mistakes when we stumble. You believe that business success is best driven by values like integrity, contribution, and growth.”

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but you can’t argue with results. As of this writing they have 37,000+ monthly readers. People love to have a mission or a cause they can believe in and get behind, so by all means give them one, and then make sure you live up to it.


Next time you’re on a super popular blog, see what ideas you can “steal” for your blogging success.