$50,000 in 24 Hours – Special Report

Christine F. AbelaMelbourne


Sunday 15 June 2014

Dear Friend,

Wow! I have had the most amazing weekend! On Friday evening I had an idea. You know the sort – one of those ideas that keeps you awake ALL night, tossing and turning, working out whether it is all just a dream or is something that actually might work?

Well in the cold hard light of Saturday morning, it was still there. And yes, I decided, it was worth a try.

I figured that at worst, I would end up having wasted a few hours of my Saturday. And at best, I could get a few new web site clients. So, what was the harm in trying, right?

Well guess what?

Here it is just 24 hours later, lunch time Sunday, and I have had queries for 12 web sites, totaling over $50,000!

Not too shabby. And the enquiries are still coming in.

Sure, there are a few in there that I probably won’t go ahead with. I can afford to be a bit “fussy” and knock back the ones that I think might not be a good fit for my business. But I reckon by the start of business on Monday there will be a massive amount of follow-up to be done.

But hey, that’s not a problem – I have a system. A blueprint for how to manage projects. The blueprint tells me:

  • how to get new clients

  • how to weed out the ones that aren’t going to be a good fit (so they don’t take me any time)

  • how to manage the project so that I get paid BEFORE any work is done

  • how to pretty much guarantee there will be more work from every successful project completion

  • and much much more.

Do you want to know about this system?

You will need a password to unlock the rest of this page!  To get the password, .  You will get the password in an email.

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It is called WP Elevation. Sure, look it up – you’ll love it. But here’s how you can love it even more. Want a 50% discount on the first month? Use my link:

But I know you are wondering about that $50K in 24 hours. Want to know the secret?

The trick is to find people who are not happy with what they already have. And convince them that WordPress is better.

There are plenty of web site systems that have been around for a while, and are now out-of-date.

What you need is a site that ranks on page 2 or lower of Google for a search term. Not a broad search term with a bajillion results, but a specialised search. Choose something you enjoy, or that you have some special expertise in, and you will have a rapport with the site owners right from the start.

Say you are a keen golfer. There are plenty of businesses that sell stuff to golfers. Some sell online, and have shopping cart sites. Some don’t sell online, and just have a web site to tell people about themselves. Target them, make them feel at home, by including a few golfing stories on your own site (which they will see when they visit – more about that later).

What you need to find is a web site that is NOT ranking well (because you can then build in the benefits of WordPress SEO services). But it needs to be ranking at least a bit, otherwise the owners of the site are likely to be totally disenchanted with the whole web site thing.

Also, it needs to be a business that looks like it might be getting some turnover. If you want to specialise in local businesses, that’s great, because you can visit them and check out whether they look busy (not busy = no money = go elsewhere).

Yes, you can sit on Google and search for local businesses in your chosen niche that have crappy web sites. You might enjoy it. But there is a better way.

Want to make it even faster? Automate all this? This is what I did!

I found an out-of-date shopping cart software that used to be popular but is now nowhere near as good as WordPress. Doing a Google search on “open source shopping carts”or “free shopping carts” is a good place to start. If you don’t want to do shopping cart sites (but hey, that’s where the big money is), try “open source website builder” or “free website builder”.

There are plenty of blog posts that were written a few years ago that will come up in the searches. These are gold, because they tell you what WAS popular a few years back. Chances are there are still plenty of people running (and hating) sites that were built using these platforms.

Next, go to Facebook and see if there is a group for users of this software. Are they all happy campers? No? Great! You can target them direct with direct messages in Facebook, but that is a bit spammy. It is better to play by Facebook’s rules and take out an advertisement on Facebook.

In your Facebook ad, target people who

  • are in that group who like that software (or who have it listed as one of their Facebook likes)

  • are over 45 years old . The older they are the more likely they have money, and are also less technically competent (and busier) so won’t have built their own site

  • (optional) are interested in, or run a business in, the same niche you wanted to target

  • (optional) are in your local area

  • (advisable) are in your time zone

The ad could have a picture of someone who is upset, or throwing something at the computer, or even better, use the logo of the system you are targeting (but be careful of copyright breaches). Put as the wording something like “Hate your XYZ site? Upgrade to WordPress today!” (where XYZ is the system you are targeting.

Now, where do you send them? Of course, you have a web site all set up ready! Make a page on that site that tells all the benefits of WordPress when compared with the XYZ system. Send your Facebook ad people to that page. You should also include an incentive for them to contact you. On my web site I have a mailing list with a special report (you can see it on the right).

This special report was provided by the lovely Troy Dean from WP Elevation (I mentioned that earlier – go to ). He also provided the wording I use on my Web Site Worksheet page, as well as the whole concept (and LOTS of training) on the Website Accelerator Session page.

You will notice that that web site booking form has included in it that I ask about their budget. This immediately tells people that there is a starting price for my services. They don’t even get to choose something lower than that. Not only can they see that there is a starting point, they can also see that the price can go up quite a lot, so they know that sometimes web sites cost that much.

This is a built-in cheapskate filter!

That’s what I did. By choosing a niche I enjoy, and a software I know is out of date, I was quickly and cheaply able to target people using Facebook ads who were ready to upgrade their sites.

But that’s not all!

I was also able to offer, as a “special deal” that I can transfer their data from their old site over to their new site. You can do this for free if you wish, or you can work out a price based on the amount of content on the old site. Then, unless you are a programmer (I am!), you can get someone on or somewhere to do the copy across for you at a very reasonable rate. (Programmers: write a simple mySQL extraction script to extract the data from the old database and reformat it into a csv for import into WP).

Got it? Great! But don’t forget – set yourself up with WP Elevation (go to for a 50% discount code) to learn how to manage your WordPress consultancy. Otherwise you could be very quickly overwhelmed with the number of leads that will come in.

Want a sneak (free) preview of what is taught at WP Elevation?

I love this. Troy Dean has a podcast series on iTunes called “101 Ways To Elevate”. Check it out. I have it downloaded onto my iPod, and have it playing while I am doing the housework, or walking, or at the gym. I have listened to the whole thing several times, and I ALWAYS have to stop it to think, because there are so many great ideas.

Or, if you still haven’t joined WP Elevation and have some spare time, after you go to you will find a link to the Blog where you can watch or listen to a huge variety of excellent broadcasts, all of which will help you to become an OUTSTANDING WordPress consultant.

Once you do join, you will get access to the Blueprint, the training calls, and the excellent community forum. Really, I don’t know what I did before I joined WP Elevation. I was absolutely floundering, not knowing how to manage projects, getting paid late, or not at all, and never getting paid ENOUGH.

Now that has all changed. As this weekend shows. I have even had two more online queries in the time it took to write this report. I won’t even do anything about them till tomorrow, and then, by following the blueprint, I know exactly what I need to do next.

You know what YOU need to do next. Go to and check out WP Elevation. By using that link you will get a discount code for a huge 50% off the first month.

I look forward to seeing you in the member’s forum.

Christine F. Abela.


Disclaimer: I am not claiming you will achieve the same results as I will, or any results at all.