The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers

Here’s a great idea: Use a self-help classic to refine and maximize the results you get from social media, and specifically, Google+.

First, have you ever read the 7 Habits? If not, head over to Amazon and get a copy – you won’t regret it.

Now then, how do you use this classic from 1989 to get the most out of Google+? I’ll give you the brief rundown here. For the details, please visit the link below.

1. Post thoughtful content. Don’t just offer up a link to your new blogpost. Instead, give enough thought commentary and big benefits to entice people to read it. In other words, sell the click.

2. Share other people’s content. Seek out and circle peers so you can have a never ending flow of great posts in your Home stream. And don’t forget the commentary.

3. Engage other people. Talk to others, forge new relationships and make connections. And remember to respond to the comments people leave on your posts.

4. Mention other people. Type their name preceded with a +, and that will notify them of your mention. Plus it allows others to discover and add that person.

5. Promote other people. Tell people what you know about this person and why you follow them. Or create a quick post in which you mention 3 people you’ve circled, inviting others to circle them as well.

6. Consistent activity. Be consistent in posting and writing, as well as the other habits discussed here.

7. Profile completeness. Have you checked your Google+ profile lately? Is it complete and up to date? Don’t just talk about yourself – offer help and resources to others on Google+ who might be interested.


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