Add Snow to your WordPress site this Christmas

Snow on WordPress site

There is a cool little thing that has been added to WordPress – snow! Now (well, after 1 December anyway) you can add snow to your WordPress site.

Have a look in Settings->General in your admin menu.

Scroll right now to the bottom.  Do you see this?

Add snow to your wordpress site

Yes?  Cool.  Tick it then click Save Changes and you will get falling snow on your site until January 4th.  It starts on December 1st every year – and it is set up to be on THIS site during that period.  It is white snow on a mostly white background, so it IS a bit subtle, but hey, it is there.

Add snow to your WordPress site – but not in Australia!

At this point, I would like to rant and rave for a while about how December is NOT snow time ALL over the world, and how people in Australia and other southern-hemisphere warm climate locations are pretty much indoctrinated into celebrating the northern hemisphere winter festivities in the middle of our summer, and yet it has never been known for the northern hemisphereans to celebrate ANY of our seasons here and how it is pretty insensitive of WordPress to offer this to us here now when I am sitting here with a fan trying to get cool in the hot hot summer.

But you know what?  The Very Clever People at WordPress even thought of that.

For some of my clients, I have installed the Australian version of WordPress.  And it doesn’t offer this option!  Great!  (I will be interested to see whether it appears in OUR winter, but hey, I don’t care that much and will probably have forgotten all about it by then.)

If for any reason you aren’t seeing this snow option, and would like to add it anyway, there is a range of WordPress plugins that can do a similar thing.  See .  I haven’t personally tried any of these – let me know in the comments if you do, and what works for you!






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