Are you on Google Mobile?

It’s the morning of 30 April 2015 as I am writing this.  Things have never been busier for me.  The number of people who have contacted me in the last week wanting my services is DOUBLE what it was the week before.

Mobile web sitesI decided to ask a few how they found me.  “You were at the top on Google” was the most common reply.  And WHY was I suddenly at the top on Google?  It’s not like I had done anything all that different to what I had been doing the week before.

The reason is that these were people who were searching for my services using their phones.  Since my web site is mobile-friendly, Google favours it over non-mobile-friendly sites, and puts it at the top, above my competitors.  Which is great for me, but how about you?

Is YOUR site mobile-friendly?  If it isn’t, since April 21, there is a good chance people using mobile devices to search for your products and services simply didn’t know you exist.

So if you are hearing crickets, and wondering why, get in touch and we can talk about how to make YOUR site mobile friendly and get the phones ringing again.


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