Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing

You have seen Pinterest plastered all over social media platforms where your friends and followers confess how they have burnt the midnight oil  perusing through its contents. However, as a marketing manager, you still haven’t figured out how the Pinterest craze has to offer in your line of work.
Well, Pinterest is not only a social media platform for women and crazy fashion forward individuals. Below are a few ways you can rely on Pinterest when it comes to the marketing of your products:

Use keywords with photos you post

Pinterest Marketing Made EasyThe greatest aid on Pinterest that you can use for free is the search bar. This is the path that will help you conduct brainstorming on the keywords that your niche market uses to shop for products or services.
If your product or service targets a certain problem and it can solve the problem sporadically, ensure you upload an image which will show up on the search results by placing vital keywords in the image description you pin and also on the title boards you create.

Post Pictures of your product or Service

Your board is not regulated to only hold photos of your product or services you offer.  Creating boards of ideas centered on your product or service and the target niche serves as a great avenue that helps you engage on a wider platform with your Pinterest account.
You are at liberty to upload (post) photos of the services or products you are selling, better yet, you should proceed and re-pin other peoples’ photos. Just like the rest of the social media sites, sharing is the sure way where one can gain traffic.
When you become involved on Pinterest and actively repin other people’s pins, a number of them will be more than happy to return a favor and pin your product or service. The beauty of things remains to be, Pinterest always retains the original link to the website despite the number of times your item has been repined.

Get ideas for decorating

As you continue pinning all the images of the products or services, you should start using them and add several decorations to the images to make them appeal more to potential customers. Pinterest is the social medial platform that serves as the best place for anyone looking for DIY projects.
This is a platform you can choose uploading images or video explaining how your products or services stand to benefit the user.

Share videos of your product

The thing is, Pinterest is not only a social media platform meant for pictures. It’s a platform where you can pin videos using the pin it button on your browser menu. The video will be added through a thumbnail version and when a visitor clicks on the video, they will be directed to the original site to watch the entire video.
Filming the uses of the product or how the service is conducted serves as an interesting but interactive way of proving to potential buyers why they should purchase your product or service.


Refrain from adding any negative comments on a particular pin. Always remember you are not the only person who is opinionated. If you find that the pin site is not appealing to you, skip it and find another pin as opposed to leaving a negative comment.
Refrain from posting any photo, video that is in bad taste, try finding a subtle way to be opinionated without being rude, to see unto it that your pins and videos are pinned by people who like your work.