Excellent WooCommerce Video Tutorial Series from WooThemes

Here at Gecko Gully, we build LOTS of eCommerce web sites, mainly using WordPress and WooCommerce.  Built into the admin of every new web site is a series of WordPress and WooCommerce video tutorials, but we also make our own videos teaching small snippets of information that people have asked us about.  You can view our videos on YouTube here.

WooCommerce from WooThemesBut now WooThemes, the makers of WooCommerce, have at last produced a series of tutorial videos of their own, teaching the basics of setting up and using WooCommerce.  The WooThemes videos are here.

Don’t forget though, that WooCommerce functionality can be greatly enhanced or extended by adding WooCommerce extensions – bits of programming that make WooCommerce do even more amazing things.  The videos in the WooThemes WooCommerce video tutorial series won’t show these extensions, only the basic stuff that comes with WooCommerce.  Which, for many people, is exactly what you need!