Find Writing Inspiration in the Oddest of Places

Recently I saw an old Cosmopolitan Magazine from over 10 years ago. Curious, I looked inside and there I found a large 36 page pullout booklet on astrology.

Now before you roll your eyes, stay with me a moment.

Intrigued by my discovery, I started paging through and realized I was holding what could potentially be a copywriting swipe file gold mine.

For example, inside the front cover where predictions for the coming year for each of the 12 signs. For example:

“The months ahead are packed with amazing change-your-life opportunities. Find out when you’ll: Access extra cash, go on a wild road trip, blaze trails in the bedroom and boardroom.”

“Clear your head for the choices that await you. Look inside to find out how you to decide between: A dream job and a promotion, two potential bedmates, sparing a friend’s feelings while telling her the truth.”

“This year, you’ll hit so many highs, you’ll need an oxygen mask. Here’s a preview of what awaits you: Primo professional perks, an off-the-charts and surprising sexual affair, an incredible image upgrade.”

And that was just the first 3 of 12 predictions, and just the first page of writing.

Look at the first sentence in each paragraph again. Don’t these read like the lead in’s to sales letters or hot blog posts?

Let’s try swiping some of the copy to promote a resumé service, making only minor changes:

“Keep Reading To Discover How Small Tweaks To Your Resume Can Give You An Incredible Image Upgrade, Your Dream Job And A Big Promotion With Primo Professional Perks.”

Or a make money product:

“Online Marketers: The Months Ahead Will Be Packed With Amazing Change-Your-Life Opportunities – If You Take The Right Steps Now.”

Or a dating product for guys:

“This Year, Your Dating Will Hit So Many Highs, You’ll Need An Oxygen Mask. Here’s A Preview Of What Awaits You: Off-The-Charts And Surprising Sexual Affairs, Your Unending Pick Of Bed Mates, And New Trails Blazed In The Bedroom And Boardroom.”

If you’re not already accumulating a swipe file, I suggest you start immediately. Anytime and anywhere you find good material, put it in your file to reference the next time you need to write some copy.

And don’t look at just sales letters and blog posts – look at everything, including material outside of your niche.

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