Five Important Considerations for a Mobile Web Site

So you did your research and you understand the importance of building a mobile web site. That’s great.

You are genuinely ahead of the video game when it comes to the world of online marketing.

Now you need to understand the best ways to develop the most effective mobile web site possible … and, no, it is nothing like building a standard site.

A mobile internet site is a new kind of site, and it involves a distinct set of considerations.

Mobile Web Site Your Customers Are Mobile - Are You?

Here are five important elements for your mobile internet site:

1) Material.

If you are at all experienced in internet design, then you’ve more than likely heard the phrase, “content is king.”.

Mobile internet design relegates material to a brand-new level, below navigability.

Sure, it is still essential that your content is precise, relevant, interesting, and simple to understand.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that your content is short, concise, and devoid of any unnecessary terminology.

A good guideline is that it must all fit on one page (and on a small cell phone screen, at that).

2) Graphics and navigation buttons.

Keep the touch screen in mind when designing a mobile website.

Any great mobile website must have thumb-friendly navigation buttons.

Additionally, other graphics should be kept to a minimum.

3) Single column design.

You don’t expect your site visitors to need to work to view your page.

It ought to not be necessary to zoom or scroll to fit your site’s content on the screen.

The most efficient method of displaying your mobile site is in a single column, which will certainly be compatible with most cell phone screens.

4) Make use of the mobile device’s integrated performance.

This is all of those things a cell phone can do that a desktop or laptop computer can’t do– telephone call and GPS, for instance.

To help the user experience, provide a method to gain access to these features so that your site visitors can call or locate your company with simply the touch of a button.

5) Navigation layout.

In addition to having basic, large-scale navigation buttons and search boxes, you need to also organize your website’s navigation tools in such a way that integrates well into the column format.

You may opt to stack them, put them in a drop-down menu on top or bottom of the page, or present them as the web page.


As you can see, mobile internet design is a whole new ballgame.

It is very important to keep all these considerations in mind if you are to build a reliable mobile site.

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