Grandma’s Ham

One day, shortly after Suzie and Jeff got married, Jeff came into the kitchen to find his new bride preparing a ham to go in the oven. Suzie took the ham and cut off both ends and then put it in the baking pan. “Why did you do that?” asked her surprised husband.

“That’s the way Mom taught me to do it,” she replied. But since she didn’t really know why she was supposed to be doing it, they decided to ask her mom the next time they saw her. When they asked Mom why she told Suzie to cut off both ends of the ham before baking it, her mother replied,”That’s the way Grandma taught me to do it.”  Since no one knew exactly why they were supposed to do this, they decided to ask Grandma.

“Grandma, you taught Mom and Mom taught me to cut off both ends of the ham before baking it. Why do you do it that way?” Suzie asked.

“To fit the pan,” replied Grandma.

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