How To Rank Your Videos With RSS

How To Rank Your Videos with RSSThe easy version:  Watch this video and I can do this for you for $5 on fiverr.  Here’s the gig:

But if you want to do it yourself, here is How To Rank Your Videos with RSS

Once you have made your video and uploaded it to YouTube, one of the next steps to getting it to rank is to create an RSS feed of the video URL and submit it to some feed sites.

To create the RSS feed, use this format: Youtube Title Here

For example, for my video at, the RSS feed URL is To Rank Your Videos with RSS

(Click on that to see what an RSS feed looks like).

Next, submit that RSS feed to some link directories and RSS feed directories.  You can find lots of these via Google.

How this works is that Google uses the RSS feeds to find web pages that are about certain topics.  So, by submitting that RSS feed to link indexes, I am telling Google that here is a place that is about “How To Rank Your Videos with RSS”.

If you want to get an even better result, you can make an RSS feed using feedburner that has a number of variations of your YouTube URL.

Still want to do it yourself?  Great!  Or, check out my fiverr gig and I can do it for you.  I can also (for an extra fee) do your whole channel, submit the feeds to more link indexes for you, AND do you a report on what else you can do to rank your videos.  Here’s the gig:

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