How To Write A Press Release

Writing a press release for your business is not difficult, but you need to follow a certain structure.

First, you need to decide what keywords you want to be found under on Google. Try not to go too broad. Being found for “cake decorating”, for example, would be very difficult indeed. Going for, say, “cake decorating Illinois” would still be pretty hard, and “cake decorating Chicago” (a major city in the state of Illinois) is again difficult. You would be better to try for something like “new cake decorating Carol Stream” (a suburb of Chicago).

You can choose more than one keyword. So you could also try to rank for, say, “cake decorating tips”, or “how to choose a cake decorator”, or whatever it is your press release is about.

Once you have decided on the keywords, you need to write your press release so that it includes those keywords. You can include links to your web site or video or whatever it is you are promoting, but it is best to have no links at all in the first half of the press release.

Don’t use first or second person – that is, don’t use words like I, we, our, you, your. It should be written as though someone else is reporting the story, so use he, she, they type words.

Aim for something around 1000 words, and don’t sell. You are reporting the news, not encouraging people to buy from you. Imagine you are a news reporter who is telling the world about your business, not trying to promote it.

Now that you understand how to write a press release, give it a go!

If you prefer us to write your press release for you, we can do so. We will quote you a price once we know your requirements, but for a 1000 word press release pricing is around $200. Please contact us for details.

Once you have your press release written, you can submit it to press release sites yourself, or we can do that for you.