How to increase your Etsy sales with video

Etsy LogoIf you are selling craft items on Etsy, you probably already know that the way to succeed is to do your own marketing.  You need to be actively working to send people to Etsy, to your product pages, in order to get them to buy.  It is no longer simply a matter of “build it and they will come”.

I am about to tell you about a method I found recently to get excellent traffic to your Etsy store.  But this exact same method will work for a huge range of other sites – I will put a list at the end of this post.  But for now, let’s use Etsy and craft as an example.

First, go and look at .

This is a page that shows you that you can put a link to your Etsy store right within a video on YouTube, and it shows you how to do it.  You can’t link to just anywhere – but Etsy is one of the many places that are pre-approved by YouTube.

So what I am suggesting is that you create a video for your product, that includes a link (called an annotation) that takes those who click on it, straight to YOUR product on Etsy.

You can then share that video with your friends, send it to potential customers, whatever.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have a video showing how you made an item, then in that video there is a link to where that item can be purchased?  Or a video showing all the different colours your item comes in, or showing the item in use?

You will need to “optimise” the video, which means to do some stuff to get it to rank in Google so that people can find it.  There are a lot of steps that can be done to achieve this, and this is not the place to be teaching all that.  If you want to know more about how to get videos to rank on Page 1 of Google, I recommend Anthony Aire’s Speed Ranking System Course .  Or, optimising a video (or many videos) is a service that I offer.

Another thing you can do to get your video to rank well is to create a network of web sites that have the video embedded.  Or you can create playlists of that and other related videos, then get that playlist copied to other channels.  These are advanced techniques known as a PBN (Private Blog Network).  I am building PBNs now for clients, not just to get more traffic to their videos, but also to get more visitors to their web sites and more leads for the products and services they are selling.

If you want to know more about the services I provide to optimise videos, or to get your web site or videos to rank using PBNs and other techniques (all legal and ethical!) please Contact Me

Now, that list of the other non-Etsy sites that you can link to from a video.  This list is copied from the Google link above, so might change – see that Google page to check.

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