How To Make a Viral Video

Here is a fun video from Joe Penna.

How to make a viral video Trying to make your video go viral? Some say it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. Digital filmmaker and YouTube sensation Joe Penna seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve; his videos have been viewed over 100 million times. Watch as Joe, known online as MysteryGuitarMan, shares advice for how to make a viral video.

  • Use a pocketsize high definition camera that takes still shots and videos so you can capture everything.
  • Make your video appeal to everybody by being creative or doing something you are really good at.
  • Think about the videos your have passed along to your friends. What did they look like? How were they shot?
  • Everybody is different so stick to what you are best at.
  • Upload your finished product to YouTube and begin promoting it to increase the view count. Contact relevant blogs to spread your video around.
  • Incorporate still images, as well.
  • Ask your friends to retweet or “Like” it on Facebook.



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