Mobile Web Sites $1 Trial

(Yes, this WAS a Mobile Web Sites Free Trial – but I got flooded with spam sign-ups and couldn’t tell the difference between the junk and the real ones.  So I am changing it to a $1 trial.  Still darn cheap.  And no spammer is going to go through with paying me $1.  If you think $1 is too much – well don’t bother.)

How does your site look on a mobile phone?  Is it easy to read, with large clear images?  Or do people have to squint and zoom in and pinch and scroll around to see everything?

A lot of the recent sites we have built here at Gecko Gully have used what are called Responsive themes.  This means that they still look pretty good on a mobile device because the different parts of the site “respond” or re-size themselves, to suit the space available on the device.  Our own site, is an example of a responsive site.

But your site might not be responsive.  It might be an older site, created before responsive design was available.  Or it might be a recent site for which you have paid a ton, and just realised it looks pretty ordinary on a phone.

There are some solutions.  First, you could get your site redesigned/rebuilt using responsive technology.  This is going to cost a lot of money, and unless you actually want a new design, that cost might not be justifiable.

Or you could get a second site built, one that only appears on a mobile device.  This is not a bad solution, but can also be expensive, because you need to re-enter the content you want to appear.  Also, you might not get access to change the content on your mobile site yourself whenever you want to – or you have to pay to get it updated.

The third option is to have a mobile site built that automatically updates when your main site is updated.  This makes sense, because you only need to keep your main site up to date, and the mobile site will be updated for you.

Here are some examples we have built  (please view these on a desktop device – they are too hard to see on a mobile).  Click on the image and you will be taken to a clickable demo.

Would you like to see how your web site would look given this treatment?

We are offering a $1 trial mobile site, so you can see, just like those above, what your site could look like on a mobile device.  If you decide to go ahead with having us build it for you, we will of course ask you lots of questions about how you want your mobile site to look.  We will also then need access to add a small bit of computer code to send people to the mobile site when they are visiting on a mobile device.  In most cases we can add this for you, but you might need to get your regular web site people to do it for you.

Curious?  Fill in this form and let’s get started.  The pricing and terms and conditions are all in the form (you see the pricing once I know where you are).