“My friend is building me a website”

my friend is building me a website

So you are setting up a business, and you decide “Yeah maybe I need a website”.  So you ask your friends, and one of them says “I know how to build websites – I’ll do it for you.”

Wonderful!  If your friend is a professional website builder, and has built plenty of sites like the one you want, that’s a great idea. 

But what if your friend (or nephew, or son, or friend’s sister’s neighbour’s kid) has only just learned to build websites, and hasn’t had enough experience?

You’re going to end up regretting it.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Your website is your business’ most important online presence.  If your website looks awful, or is hard to use, or just doesn’t properly represent you and your business, YOU will look unprofessional.

Here’s a checklist of things to watch out for when your friend is building you a website.

Make sure they… 

  • Use a system that will allow you to update the site yourself(I recommend WordPress).
  • Add an SSL certificate

  • Make it hack-proof

  • Make it mobile friendly

  •  Make it SEO friendly, so you get found on Google for the keywords you need.

Good luck! Let me know if you are not sure about any of the above, and maybe would like to get a professional website instead.