Pay-Per-Call Marketing (PPC)

Pay-Per-Call Marketing, also known as PPC, is a good way for businesses to get “a high quantity of high quality calls, that are targeted to their business needs. These calls are delivered at the exact moment that consumers are ready to buy. ”

starThat quote is from leading PPC company, who say, “With RingPartner, advertisers pay only for qualified calls, allowing our advertisers to scale and grow their business effectively.”

In addition to providing a marketing service that is perfect for businesses who rely on phone selling, they have an excellent blog.

I one recent post, founder Mike Williams writes

You use targeted strategies when it comes to dealing with problem in your business, why should your marketing efforts be any different. Pay per call marketing can provide small businesses big value when it comes to reach customers in the most effective ways. This marketing strategy allows business owners to glean specific information about customers and pay only for calls that meet certain criteria. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck out of a pay per call marketing campaign.

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