Results of Facebook’s Bait and Switch: Unexpected?

It used to be that fans who liked brand pages on Facebook would then get to see the posts that appeared on those feeds. But thanks to changes Facebook has made recently, only about 10% of fans will ever see any post made on a page.

Why is that? If you follow the money, you’ll discover it’s because Facebook wants advertisers to PAY to reach the very same people they worked so hard to get on their pages in the first place. It’s sort of like building an email list and then being told you can’t email your list unless you pay an additional fee for each individual email that goes out.

So you might expect that advertisers would revolt and tell Facebook what they could do with their extortionist practices; but alas, no. Far from fleeing Facebook, brands are willing to pay more to advertise on the social network. Will this make it harder for the small advertiser to reach their audience on Facebook? Likely, yes.

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