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CubeCart to WordPress ConversionsI don’t normally write posts that are aimed only at my clients, but I have had a number of people ask me about this lately, and they are not all my clients.  So I hope this helps a few people!

If you have the Sucuri security plugin on your WordPress site, or any other software that gives you notifications of attempts to get into your admin, there will come a time when you have an increase in these attempts.

If you like, think of this as a good thing.  This means your site is being found more by the search engines (and therefore by the hackers).

But in general, it is something you should do something about.  You don’t WANT people getting access to your admin, or even trying to get access.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the iQ Block Country plugin.  I strongly recommend this as a good way to block people who are not in your own country from getting access to the admin login screen.

Which reminds me – as a follow-up to that post, I had a client who was not sure how to add countries to the blocked list.  Here is a video I made for her…


If you are still having problems, one way that might work is to change the location of your admin login screen.  If you have the iThemes Security plugin installed, this can be done within that (go to Security -> Settings -> Hide Login Area).  But I have found this is only useful short-term, as it doesn’t take long for the hackers to find out where you have the admin hidden.

Also in iThemes Security (on the Settings page) is an area where you can set “Away Mode”.  This means you can make your admin login page unavailable for certain times of the day, for example overnight.  The time starts from midnight (in whatever time zone you have set in Settings -> General).  Personally I have mine set from midnight to 6am.  If you are going to go longer than that (for example, if you only ever use your admin in the afternoon, or in the evening), make sure you are not also blocking access to other people who might need to get access (e.g. your web guy).  However, if your web guy is any good he will know how to deactivate the security plugin if he needs to get in outside that time.

Of course, as always, if you are one of my clients and are on Silver or Gold Support, I am happy to set this up for you.  Just click on the Client Help Desk button in the top right to get started.

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