Sell Online Step 1: Finding Something to Sell Online

In order to make some money online, you really need to actually have something to sell online.  This can be one of two things – products or services.

A Smarter Way to Sell OnlineTo sell services, you either need to be able to actually perform some service yourself that is of value, or you need to be able to refer people to someone who can do the service.  But in most cases, this boils down to basically selling TIME.  You are selling someone’s time, either yours or someone else’s, in which they will perform the service.  And we all know that time is a very limited resource, and that everyone values their own time very differently.

It is much easier to sell products online.  Again, these can be products that you supply yourself, or you can refer the buyer to someone who has the product, and you get a percentage, or commission.

But when we are talking about online selling, there is another factor that comes into selling products online that doesn’t happen as much in the offline world.  And that is that you can sell the same thing over and over again, with no reduction in your stock levels.

Of course, I am talking about selling downloadable products.  Things like eBooks, software packages, tuition and videos.

Create The Product

The biggest problem with this is that someone still has to actually create the products.  In many cases, that will have to be YOU.  Because if you, for example, want to be known as an expert in fly fishing by making the world’s best online fly fishing course, well you will simply have to spend time (there’s that word again) putting your knowledge into words, or video, or some other way to get it to your paying students.

But once it is done, it is then available to sell online over and over again.

A Smarter Way To Sell Online

The smart way to get started in this type of online selling is with a ready-made package of products that have what is called MRR.  This means Master Resell Rights.  This allows you to sell the products over and over again, online.  A good example of the sort of thing I am talking about is Eric Holmund’s package, in which he has 100 products, each of which is usually sold at around $67.  The package is currently priced at just $197 (but I think there is a discount – check the bottom of the page via that link and see what the price is now).

Eric says you can do these things with the package:

  •     You can use the products for back-end monetization and One Time Offers.
  •     You can sell each of these products individually.
  •     You can use the products for yourself and learn from all of this top quality information.
  •     You can break this package into various bundles and special offers.
  •     You can create bonus packages for your other products.
  •     You can create a membership website.

Anyway, I hope that gives you an idea of an alternative way to sell online that you might not have thought of before.  Yes, there is still work to be done to actually sell the products, but you would have all that work to do as well as the actual product creation any other way.  Go get it!