Simple ways to drive traffic – A Short SEO Course, Lesson 8

You’ve studied keywords, improved your content, corrected your linking strategy, and more. You probably feel as if you’re trying to drink water from a fire hydrant. But, we’re almost done with your website SEO audit at this point. Now we’re going to focus on traffic-building techniques that will improve your SEO.

Here’s the thing. Consumers love using search engines to discover new information. Most people start their search for anything from health to what to cook for dinner on Google Search. The problem is, you only have seconds once you drive traffic to your website to impress them enough to stick around.

When you’ve spent the time developing your website for your audience according to the SEO practices outlined in this eCourse, you’ll have a fast-loading, responsive, compelling website for your audience to see. Now you can work on driving traffic.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

Check your title tags, URL, heading tags (H1, H2), and descriptive image file names; fill in all description tags, link internally to relevant content, and keep your code clean. Remember, Yoast SEO will help with most of this.

Publish Content Regularly

Search engines (and customers) love to get updated content on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you have to publish content every single day. In fact, if you don’t have relevant and important content to share, it’s best not to include filler content just to look busy. Instead, create a publication calendar that enables you to create content a few times a week that your audience wants.

Improve Your Off-Page SEO

Go to all your social media platforms and update your profiles. Include branding that makes it clear it goes with your website and overall business goals. Create an amazing profile to use for each place you want to post anything – including guest posts, social media updates, and more.

Get into Video

Video is super-hot. Thankfully, you can use it to improve traffic to your site. Conduct Facebook Lives regularly, and cross-post your live events to YouTube. Right now, there are no duplicate content issues related to putting your videos on multiple platforms.

Share Everything

When you publish anything, share it in a blog post, send an update to your email subscribers so they come check out the blog post, and then share on social media, creating a special blurb for each platform along with a special unique image. Change the format and create a video linking back to the original blog post. But, share everything in every way that you can. Also, don’t think you only can share once. If a blog post or something you’ve created is relevant, share it often.

Getting more traffic is a function of SEO that provides more organic traffic, designed to convert more users into customers. Organic means that it wasn’t paid advertising. But more and more, SEO is starting to include pay for play due to how social networks are changing their business models to increase revenues. Therefore, next time we’ll talk about promoting and marketing (including using paid ads) to increase the results of all the work you’ve put into SEO.

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