Tracking your progress – A Short SEO Course, Lesson 10

We’ve covered a lot and are now at the end of this course. If you’ve taken your time to go through each step thoroughly, you may even begin to see results by the time you get to this point. Certainly, you will notice a huge difference within a month to 90 days of implementing a solid SEO strategy. But, the only way you’ll know for sure is if you track your progress.

The best way to do this is to create a spreadsheet based on the goals you set for the SEO work you’re doing. Enter your starting numbers, then periodically update the numbers so you can see if what you’re doing is causing you to receive more traffic, get more sign-ups, and make more sales.

Use Google Analytics to find the information.

Show Search Engine Traffic

You should get more traffic quickly if you’re using these methods, once you start sharing on social media. But, be patient; it can take some time depending on how much work you needed to do. When you’re studying Google Analytics, always look deeper.

Are you getting more search engine traffic and more referral traffic? And what about direct traffic? Sometimes people will learn about you while reading something, remember the domain name and type it in directly. SEO can cause everything to go up but for true organic SEO, the results will come from search traffic. Search traffic is directly related to someone searching certain terms in a search engine and then clicking to go to your website.

Show Your Most Popular Content

What is your most popular content today compared to what it was before? Can you figure out why? How about comments? Are you getting more comments now that you’re actively focused on SEO? How can you use these comments to get more content ideas? Be sure to comment back to people who do post a comment.

Show Your Goals

If you set goals within Google Analytics, how are they working out? Are you meeting your goals? If not, why not? Can you identify anything wrong that you can fix to improve?

Check for Duplicate Content Issues

Using a service like, make sure no one is stealing your content and that you don’t have duplicate content issues outside of your site. You should no longer have duplicate content issues within your site if you fixed the problems with internal duplicate content mentioned earlier, by updating descriptions, not using the same keyword on more than one page, and so forth.

Check All Your Goals

If you made a goal, check it to compare with where you started and where you are now. From increased newsletter subscriptions to more sales, it all matters. If you set a goal, always check the numbers to ensure that you really are making progress. You may discover that some things aren’t working with your audience – if so, stop doing them. You’ll find others that work better, so do more of them.

By following these ten steps to audit and improve your SEO, you’ll enable yourself to provide better service to your audience and attract more of them to your solutions. After all, since search engines have a goal of sending just the right content to the right audience member, by improving your SEO you’ll also be improving the service you provide to your audience. That’s a win-win for everyone.

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