How to Translate Anything Online

foreign-text-banner-playbtnThe world gets more interconnected every day, and it’s becoming more and more important to be able to communicate in multiple languages. For those of us who aren’t fluent in four languages, there’s Google Translate. We’ve put together some videos to make it easy to learn how to translate your own voice or a piece of text, on your computer or on the go. Find out what you’re capable of with Google Translate.

1. Have Google Translate Your Voice

  • You can speak into your computer’s microphone and have Google translate whatever you’ve said into almost any language you can think of.
  • Translate from Arabic to Zulu, from Afrikaans to Punjabi, or anything in between.

2. Google Translate on Your iPhone

  • The Google Translate iPhone app lets you quickly translate text or a spoken recording into almost any language.

  • You can see recent searches you’ve made, or even save one to access it quickly anytime.

3. Create a Phrase Book

  • Creating a phrase book allows you to keep track of translations of useful words or phrases you’d like to remember, and access them later.

  • You can search or filter your saved terms to find them more easily.

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Footnote from Gecko Gully Web Sites…

If you are looking for great content for your web site, why not find articles in foreign languages and translate them to your own language?  I have a smattering of high school French, and love to translate French articles to English to share.  Be careful of copyright laws though, or get permission to share – and ALWAYS put a link back to the original as a courtesy to the author.

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