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A recent post has highlighted the \”12 Top Tools Every Online Business Needs to Use in 2017\”. I would like to expand on the ideas in this post, and will present these in a series that discusses each idea. The first tool in the Top Tools list is a Website Builder. In the article, it talks about the easiest way to build a website being to use a Drag-n-Drop Website Builder.

\"websiteIt is well known that I build really great websites. So it might come as a surprise that I actually agree with this statement. Sure, I will still build websites. Sometimes people need something rather more complex than what a drag-n-drop type of site builder can provide. And sometimes I might even USE a drag-n-drop on behalf of a client, if what they really want is for someone to actually DO the work for them.

The beauty of the drag-n-drop site builders is that, in theory, anyone can build a really nice website with them. But they won\’t always have ALL the features someone wants/needs or thinks they want/need. If want you require is something fairly simple, that loads fast and is able to perform some basic functions like providing information to the visitor and adding them to an email mailing list, then that\’s probably all you need.

Of course, if you want complex forms, full eCommerce functionality, fancy blog type details or very specific design requirements, you will need something more sophisticated, like WordPress for example (and probably, someone like me to set it all up for you).

Website Builder Templates

But for probably 50% of the people who set up a website, and want to do it themselves, a drag-n-drop website builder is probably going to be sufficient. So yes, I believe this is one of the Top Tools. Especially if you can find an easy-to-use website builder tool that has some nice templates built in that you can adapt for your own use.

The website builder the article site is describing is provided by BuilderAll.  You can read the post here, and click on the red \”FREE Tool Kit\” link in the top right to get BuilderAll.

Demonstration of Website Builder from BuilderAll

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