What are Backlinks?

networkWhat are backlinks?  Do you really need them?  How can you get backlinks?  Knowing answers to these questions will assist you to get your website ranked higher in search engine results.

There is a strong relationship between the websites that you can see on the Internet.  Backlinks play an important part in this – they create the “net”work part of the Internet.

Backlinks can simply be defined as the html links that create a connection between your website and another website on the Internet.  Search engines such as Google use these backlinks as a sort of vote to the information that can be found on your website.

Having a clear understanding about the backlinks in your website will assist you to create a link map that shows how your website and its pages fits within the World Wide Web.  For example, you might include a blog post about a specific person and include the link to his/her official website in it.  This will increase the exposure to that person’s website and contribute a lot towards the placement of his/her website on the Internet.

Why do you want backlinks to your site? Almost all the website owners in the modern world try their best to get more backlinks as much as possible.  If you have enough backlinks, it will help to rank your website in a better position within search engines.   When your website is placed high up in search engine result pages, more visitors will visit your website.  This can increase your brand visibility and make your company more profitable.

Some website owners think that all backlinks are equal. They are not.  Popular search engines such as Google do not provide an equal value to all the backlinks that are created by websites.  That is because the World Wide Web has a lot of complete garbage websites that do not contain any value at all.  Website owners might try to create lots of inbound links by using such websites – but this will not deliver a good experience to search engine users.  In fact, this happened a lot during the late 1990’s and early 00’s.  However, Google was able to eliminate its negative effects by making several changes to their search engine algorithms.

At the moment, the most valuable backlinks can be obtained from the websites that have a higher page rank.  Page Rank determines the value of a specific website to the Internet.  If you can get backlinks from a website that has Page Rank 8 or 9, you will get the a great boost in your search engine ranking.  In addition, websites that have domain extensions such as .edu, .gov or .org can deliver better results when it comes to backlinking.  That’s because Google puts a weight on those domain extensions as they are not created with the intention of selling something or making money.

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