What do I get with a Gecko Gully Web Site?

When we build you a web site, we build it how we build our own web sites.

We believe in giving you, and your visitors, the sort of experience we ourselves would like to have online.

Any decent web site builder can build you a web site that has a nice design, and the basic WordPress features.  Many can even add a shopping cart or a forum or other features to it and configure these.  But if you want more than just the basics, Get Gecko Gully.

Gecko Gully Web Sites WordPress admin menu

Your Gecko Gully WordPress web site will also include the following:

  • Customised WordPress admin area, with the menu options you need most often in easy-to-access positions.  These can be colour-coded to make some parts easier to find.
  • Lots of videos.  We build in TWO sets of videos, as well as a written version, to teach you how to use your admin.  Including (if you have a shopping cart site) how to use the shopping cart stuff.
  • We also include a link to our own videos (see them here: Gecko Gully Videos).  This is a very popular ever-changing set of videos answering a wide range of questions about using WordPress and other issues.
  • On-site SEO.  Basically this means we add a thing to your web site that will let you specify what you want each page (or post, or product) to be found under, in Google and other search engines.  Then you will see a list of suggestions on what you need to change on that page to make that happen.  Plus, the videos include training on how to use this.
  • A link to our exclusive help desk, so you can get super-fast help from us if you ever have a problem.
  • You get access to everything we have access to.  You get full admin rights, so if you ever needed to get someone else to help you with your site, you have all the access they need.
  • You own the domain, you own the hosting.  We aren’t holding you to ransom.  You can host it wherever you like, as long as it is WordPress compatible.  We can advise you on the best hosting, if you need that advice.
  • Backups.  You set up a Dropbox account (which is free for the basic level account) and we can include software on your site that will do regular backups to Dropbox for you.
  • Mobile Friendly.  All out WordPress web sites are mobile-friendly.  This means they look great on a mobile device, and are not going to be penalised by Google’s preference for mobile-friendly sites on searches on mobile devices.
  • Google Analytics.  If you have a Google (gmail) account, we add Google Analytics to your site, and hook you up with Google Webmaster Tools.  What this means is that you can see great information about your web site visitors, and also let Google know (automatically) lots of information about your web site.  Google loves it when you use their tools.

Want more?  Sure.

These are optional extras.  But highly recommended.  (If there is no link on some of these features, it is because I am still writing the information.  But ALL are available right now – please enquire.)  These are available both to those whose web sites we built and to non-clients.  But it is HEAPS cheaper to get these added when we build the site.

  •  After-sales service.  If you are OK with updating your own plugins and themes, and generally keeping an eye on things yourself from the technical point of view – no problem.  But if you would like us to do that for you, check out the After Sales Service packages we offer.
  • WordPress Hack Proofing.  About 75% of all WordPress sites are hackable (if you now how).  Since WordPress is so popular, hacks on WordPress sites are an easy target for people wanting to spread their message instead of yours, or exploit your data.  We can add a huge number of improvements to your site to make it MUCH harder to hack.  It won’t be impossible to hack it (hey you might accidentally tell a hacker your password in a bar), but a hacker is more likely to just try the next site that hasn’t been hack-proofed.
  • WordPress Web Site Speed Improvement.  Web sites can become slow over time.  But there are a lot of things that can be done to speed them up.  We can put these tweaks in right from the start for you, or we can add them later.
  • Chat.  Have you seen those little Click To Chat buttons?  Want one?  OK, we can do that for you.  (Coming as soon as we have mastered using it ourselves).


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