What Makes an Excellent eCommerce Website?

When it comes to making an ecommerce website, you might face some challenges regarding the design and usability of the site. Sites that sell products online need a website that promotes their products and is friendly for everyone to use. There are a number of attributes that successful ecommerce websites have; therefore, if you are just starting out, you might want to incorporate these into your design.

Don’t expect to be rich overnight. In fact, Amazon started in 1995, but they didn’t even reach an average order of $47.31 until 2012, according to Internet Retailer. So, implement these tips and be patient. By having a great ecommerce site, you’ll eventually see the profits come in.

Tips for Creating an Excellent Ecommerce Website


When you sell products or services to visitors online, they need to be able to find the products, read information, and quickly checkout with that product. If customers cannot navigate your website or find their way around, they will leave. Lost visitors means lost sales; therefore, you need a website that is easy to navigate above all else. Have someone browse your website for you and see what they think. Use test groups to try out you new design before you launch it to the public. Work out any bugs or usability issues beforehand if you can. Because usability also effects your search engine rank, it is important to fix any user experience issues quickly.


Simple, Yet Effective Design is Best

Your website should have a simple which can be built using Shopify, yet impactful design. You’re selling products — not your website’s design. Therefore, your layout and template shouldn’t take away from your products in any way. Because ecommerce is expected to grow by 9 percent in 2016, according to, having an effective design means your business will grow too. It is best to have a minimalist design. Something that is decorative, but very simple. The only pictures you have are those of products — so that the visitors mind is always on what they can buy from you.

Showcase Your Best First

Every ecommerce business has some sort of product that is considered the “best.” Make sure you have a way to feature these types of products on your website. These products can also lead customers to other related products on the website. The featured section should be updated regularly and keep to the seasons. So if you have seasonal items or you have items you’re promoting for a particular holiday, make sure they are on your featured section.

Showcase Your Best First

Easy Checkout System

User experience is crucial for your rank and the success of your website in general. If your checkout process involves multiple steps that confuse the shoppers, they will abandon their cart and move on to something else. Consider not making people sign up for an account just to check out. 26 percent of carts that are abandoned are done so because shoppers don’t want to create an account just to buy from an ecommerce website.

Always Promote Your Related Products

When someone views a product on your website, they should also see related products somewhere on the same page. This can encourage the customer to stay on your site longer, which increases the likelihood they will buy from you, but also is a non-pressuring way to upsell more products. For example, you offer bedding. When a customer views a comforter, they could see related products like matching curtains, sheets or decorative pillows.

Always Promote Your Related Products

Use a Clear, Identifiable Logo

You need a logo that people can instantly recognize and associate with your brand. An easily recognized logo helps customers feel more confident shopping with you, because they know your brand. Create or establish your brand’s logo first before you start a website. Then, use that logo on social media, your prints and publications, as well as your ecommerce website to help customers build trust.

Quality Photos

Blurred or inaccurate photos should never be used on an ecommerce site. Always use clear, captivating photographs. You can display the product with a model as well as on its own. The more detail a customer can see about the product they are about to buy, the more likely they are to buy it. 15 percent more people are going to start shopping online. Because they are online and not in-person, they will want to see clear, identifiable photos of the products they are buying.

Quality Photos

Choose a Website Design that Matches What You’re Selling

Your website’s overall design should match the products you are selling. For example, those who sell baby products use cute, colorful designs that you would expect in a nursery or daycare center. Those who sell electronics or tech gear often use minimal, clean designs. Your design should still be professional, even if your niche is for younger individuals. Remember to appeal to the shopper who will buy your products — not the person who will use your products. For example, if you sell baby clothes you don’t want to create a design that attracts babies (they aren’t buying), but you would want a site that attracts the parents who are interested in your products.

Feature Blogs

Use blogs to help drive more traffic to your ecommerce site, but also link from your ecommerce site to the blog. Buyers’ guides are very popular with online shoppers, because it tells them exactly what to look for and how to buy the things they want. Add buyers’ guides to your ecommerce site to help push customers in the right direction. Sometimes just offering free information through a buyer’s guide will convince an online shopper to buy from you versus the competition.

Feature Blogs

Make Your Promotions Clear

Do you offer free shipping or have promotions going on? Your promotions should be clear and easy to find on the homepage and every page of your customer’s shopping experience. If there are conditions to your promotion, make those clear as well — such as free shipping on orders over $50. Customers are attracted by promotions, markdowns, sales and especially free shipping. Therefore, use these to encourage more conversions on your site.


Wouldn’t you like your website to look good, inviting and attractive? How about increasing traffic to your online business portal? Are you interesting in increased the sales of the product you offer and double or triple your profits?

Want to get a positive review about your website and word of mouth? Follow the above mentioned tips and everyone will appreciate your ecommerce website.



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