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Hey there fellow digital enthusiasts!  Let’s tackle vs head-to-head.

Today, we’re tackling one of the most frequently asked questions in website building: what sets apart from its counterpart,


Unlocking Unlimited Creativity: The Power of is a true gem for anyone looking to build their website from scratch without any limitations or restrictions imposed by third-party platforms.

With, you have complete control over every aspect of your site—from designing its layout and functionality to customizing it with an array of plugins and themes!

Of course, you will have to have hosting (we use and recommend Vetta hosting in New Zealand), which comes with a cPanel where you can install WordPress. The pricing is on the Vetta site.

The possibilities are endless when using this platform, as there’s no limit to what can be achieved through the personalization options offered; think of it as having access to unlimited colours in a palette while working on creating something truly unique!

Additionally, owning everything related to the site gives users peace of mind, knowing that they won’t ever lose ownership rights due to contractual obligations elsewhere. This provides maximum flexibility and freedom throughout the entire process.

The downside, of course, is that building your own site on your own hosting comes with a learning curve.  However, you can get ahead of the curve by hiring a website builder to do it for you.

The Convenience of

When it comes to website-building platforms, is a unique option that operates like renting an apartment in the digital realm. While you have your own cozy space on this platform, there are some limitations regarding customization options and terms of service regulations.

These may be seen as drawbacks for those who prefer more control over their online presence. However, if simplicity and convenience matter most, then could be suitable for beginners or anyone looking for hands-off management.

Overall, it’s worth considering whether this approach aligns with one’s goal before deciding how best to create an online presence through websites.

Embracing Unlimited Freedom: Why We Advocate for

Here at Gecko Gully, we strongly prefer over (or any non-self-hosted platform). This is because we are often asked to customise a client’s website in a way that the platform is not designed for. If the site is self-hosted, we can write custom code and access the cPanel (back end) to apply it. This is not possible if is hosting your site.

The primary difference between vs lies in control over your website creation process. With, you have unlimited freedom to design and customize according to your preference, while with, ease of use comes at a cost—sacrificing some autonomy for simplicity.

Your website is the first impression that people have of your brand. Make sure you choose wisely and let creativity take flight! Remember this when deciding on a path forward with designing or redesigning your site.


The key differences between and in website building. Unlock unlimited creativity and control with!

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